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  • Add: 12# Yuedubei Road, Changhong Industry Zone, Liushi, Wenzhou, China 
  • Tel: 0577- 62752489 62750489
  • Fax: 0577-62757517
  • Email: [email protected]

About us

      Zhejiang Shangtong Instruments Co., Ltd (STYB) estalsihed in 1992, is located in Liushi Wenzhou China. After more than 20 years developing, the company now is becoming one of the largest instrument manufacturers in China. The main products of STYB are: temperature controller, thermocouple, thermal tesistance and so on. The products are widely used in scientific research,metaullurgy, pertroleum, chemistrical industry, textile, palstic, food, energy-saving fields and so on.        STYB seriously takes the excellent quality and effective management for its life. Since the establishement of the company, STYB always ...[More]
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